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What is a Prepper 3: Important Prepper Skills

Preppers not only gather tools and supplies, they also prepare themselves by learning vital survival skills. It is often said the more skills you have the less gear you need to survive. Preppers double down by acquiring as many supplies and skills as they can during times of calm for when they will be needed during times of stress. There...


What is a Prepper 2: How to plan like a prepper

In the last post, we learned that survivalists and preppers are mostly the same groups. They are driven by two visions. The first vision is one of fear. They are driven by concerns of threats to their way of life and wish to prepare for as many threats as seem likely. Their second vision is one of hope. Preppers believe...


What is a Survivalist? What is a Prepper?

Survivalist vs Prepper Some Preppers don’t need guns. Often the terms Survivalist and Prepper are used interchangeably. However, Survivalist has a more militant feel to it. The image is one who hides in the backwoods with guns and traps waiting to destroy any who threatens their way of life. Its a very testosterone-heavy stereotype. In order to avoid this negative image, many...


Top 10 Continuous Improvement Quotes with comment

1. “It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.”  W. Edwards Deming At first, this message is comforting – change is not necessary, but the next sentence makes clear the shocking consequences. Life is not fair! If we do not change, we may not survive. Reality is harsh and uncaring. The world doesn’t owe us anything, nor does...

Fisher Space Pen 2

The Fisher Space Pen is the best edc pen

Product Dimensions Length: 13.7 cm (5.3 in) open, 9.4 cm (3.7 in) closed Diameter: 9 mm (.35 in) Weight: 0.67 oz Tip size: Medium (1.1 mm); Fine (.9 mm) and Broad (1.3 mm) refills available) Model: 400  bullet style Pen Colors: matte black, blueberry, brushed chrome, chrome, desert tan, fuchsia, gold, lime green, pink, pink ribbon, purple, red cherry Ink refill...


Why did the Bangles Band Break up

In this post, you will discover why did the Bangles Band break up. Understanding why the greatest girl rock band could not remain together in the midst of their greatest success is a lesson in teamwork and managing expectations. Topics include: the group is not the star, group culture in conflict with reality and lessons from the fall. Introduction Here...


What is the best edc flashlight?

In this post, you will discover the best edc flashlight and its newest challenger. We will compare the batteries, dimensions, and output of the current champion with an excellent, yet cheaper alternative. Having a bright, longlasting flashlight is a vital part of nighttime edc. You really can’t go wrong with either flashlight. Introduction Does it seem like you never have...


What is the best portable power bank?

One of the key tenets of this site is that your mobile phone is your most important piece of urban survival gear, primarily because it keeps you in touch with your relational networks. Additionally, it is your primary source of online information and can easily function as your sole timekeeping device, calendar, calculator, flashlight, and game machine. Unfortunately, the more...


What is the Best Emergency Food Company

In this post, you will learn what is the best emergency food company. Choosing to buy from the best means that you can be sure that your food comes from a safe and reliable source. Plus, your emergency food will taste great and last for decades. Introduction The United States Government and the Red Cross recommend that you keep a...

drought 2

What is the Best Home Water Filter System

In this post, you will discover what is the best home water filter system. Having a reliable way to filter water at home can save your life during a city-wide emergency.  Topics covered include suitability for urban survival, how long the system will last and how clean it can get your water. Introduction After shelter, water is your highest survival priority....

Osan Air Base Alton Stephens 2

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Review and Comment

Watch a Video Review for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Callibrain When the book by Steven R. Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People came out in 1989, it set the business press on fire and crossed over into the mainstream. One could call this tome the premiere life hack of the previous generation. Whatever becomes...


12 Rules for Life: Review, Summary and Response

The Offical Book Trailer It seems like Jordan Peterson’s and his book, “12 Rules for Life” have set the world on fire. The book has become a number one seller and people are talking about it across the globe. What is so special? The main reasons to pay attention to this book are that Dr. Jordan Peterson is both a...


Is a knife more dangerous than a gun?

There’s a lot of debate on the internet over which is more dangerous a knife or a gun. Of course, each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, with the benefit of surprise and a range of fewer than 21 feet, a knife wins. With the benefit of preparation and greater separation, a gun wins.   Why a gun...


Should I carry a flashlight everyday?

Our world has become more and more dependent on artificial illumination. Just one day without it is intolerable. This leads some to ask: Should I carry a flashlight every day? Yes, your cell phone makes for a poor flashlight. You should carry a keychain light all the time and a mid-sized flashlight whenever you expect to need more illumination.  ...


Lightning Storm Survival FAQ (plus lots of quirky info)

How to survive a lightning storm First, turn off all your electrical gadgets like your cell phones and your GPS. Second, make sure that you don’t have any metal on your body including a backpack or in any of your items. Third, look for a shelter. Reduce your elevation and get down to lower areas as quickly and safely as...


Tsunami Survival FAQ (surprising info that can save your life)

How to survive a tsunami step by step 1. Make sure you have situational awareness. If you feel an earthquake and you’re near the coast, there’s a chance of a tsunami in your area. Or you may notice animals acting strangely and moving away from coastal areas. At the beach, you may notice the waves oddly pull back away from...


How to survive a hurricane, typhoon or cyclone

Be prepared to either evacuate or endure the storm at home. Ready a bug out bag with 3-5 days of food and essentials. Put all your important documents in a waterproof container. During the hurricane, wait in an interior room, away from windows. Choose a place to evacuate to if necessary. Plan an escape route out of the area.  ...


Safety Tips During Earthquakes

The most important safety tips during earthquakes are: don’t panic, drop down to your knees, cover your head (with one hand), then either hold on to something sturdy or crawl to a safer space (under a table). Safety Tips Before Earthquakes While no one knows exactly when an earthquake is going to happen you can tell if your area has...


Why My 11 Inspirational Quotes about Children are Better Than Yours

My quotes have extended commentary that will motivate you to become a better parent and citizen in society. More than just making you feel good (or guilty), I will give you insight into the world of children and what they need to thrive. Including:

Children and Marriage
Children and their Potential
Children and Society 


What is the Value of Joy

In this post, you will learn “how to joy”. Pardon the grammar, but this simple request is often searched for and few have found it. Today, you will learn how to joy; what joy is, why joy is valuable and how to experience it abundantly. You will also discover the source of joy and what blocks joy in your life. Finally, you will learn the ancient path that leads from suffering to joy.


All 12 Samsung Verizon Phones (Best Selling Rankings)

Welcome to the Verizon Samsung Bestseller list which includes every Samsung for sale at Verizon. By studying this list you will find what Verizon customers consider the most value for the dollar. There are some surprises on this list: S* models lead the pack with S9 models far down the list. There are two new replacement models just recently on sale that will soon replace older models. Finally, there are two pre-owned Samsung models on the list. If money is tight, pre-owned Samsungs have the same 1-year warranty at Verizon as the new models.