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Lightning Storm Survival FAQ (plus lots of quirky info)

How to survive a lightning storm First, turn off all your electrical gadgets like your cell phones and your GPS. Second, make sure that you don’t have any metal on your body including a backpack or in any of your items. Third, look for a shelter. Reduce your elevation and get down to lower areas as quickly and safely as...


Tsunami Survival FAQ (surprising info that can save your life)

How to survive a tsunami step by step 1. Make sure you have situational awareness. If you feel an earthquake and you’re near the coast, there’s a chance of a tsunami in your area. Or you may notice animals acting strangely and moving away from coastal areas. At the beach, you may notice the waves oddly pull back away from...


How to survive a hurricane, typhoon or cyclone

Be prepared to either evacuate or endure the storm at home. Ready a bug out bag with 3-5 days of food and essentials. Put all your important documents in a waterproof container. During the hurricane, wait in an interior room, away from windows. Choose a place to evacuate to if necessary. Plan an escape route out of the area.  ...


Safety Tips During Earthquakes

The most important safety tips during earthquakes are: don’t panic, drop down to your knees, cover your head (with one hand), then either hold on to something sturdy or crawl to a safer space (under a table). Safety Tips Before Earthquakes While no one knows exactly when an earthquake is going to happen you can tell if your area has...


Why My 11 Inspirational Quotes about Children are Better Than Yours

My quotes have extended commentary that will motivate you to become a better parent and citizen in society. More than just making you feel good (or guilty), I will give you insight into the world of children and what they need to thrive. Including:

Children and Marriage
Children and their Potential
Children and Society 


What is the Value of Joy

In this post, you will learn “how to joy”. Pardon the grammar, but this simple request is often searched for and few have found it. Today, you will learn how to joy; what joy is, why joy is valuable and how to experience it abundantly. You will also discover the source of joy and what blocks joy in your life. Finally, you will learn the ancient path that leads from suffering to joy.


All 12 Samsung Verizon Phones (Best Selling Rankings)

Welcome to the Verizon Samsung Bestseller list which includes every Samsung for sale at Verizon. By studying this list you will find what Verizon customers consider the most value for the dollar. There are some surprises on this list: S* models lead the pack with S9 models far down the list. There are two new replacement models just recently on sale that will soon replace older models. Finally, there are two pre-owned Samsung models on the list. If money is tight, pre-owned Samsungs have the same 1-year warranty at Verizon as the new models.


What is the Meaning of Love (7 ancient words you need to know)

In this post, you will discover the many facets of love, which you can identify and strengthen to improve your life and the lives of those you love.

This will allow you to reflect on your past, understand how love has shaped you into the person you are and how love can help you become the person you want to be.

The ancient Greeks and Romans had a profound understanding of love and used different words for different kinds of love:

Storge: family love

Philautia: self-love

Ludus: playful love

Eros: sexual passion

Pragma: enduring love

Philia: deep friendship

Agape: sacrificial love