Monthly Archive: August 2018


Do I really need a gun in my home?

You need a gun at home to protect yourself and your family both from crime and from government oppression. If you don’t exercise your right to have a gun at home, someone may decide to take away not only your property but also your freedom and even your life. Reasons to have a gun in your home Protection from crime...


Is a knife more dangerous than a gun?

There’s a lot of debate on the internet over which is more dangerous a knife or a gun. Of course, each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, with the benefit of surprise and a range of fewer than 21 feet, a knife wins. With the benefit of preparation and greater separation, a gun wins.   Why a gun...


Should I carry a flashlight everyday?

Our world has become more and more dependent on artificial illumination. Just one day without it is intolerable. This leads some to ask: Should I carry a flashlight every day? Yes, your cell phone makes for a poor flashlight. You should carry a keychain light all the time and a mid-sized flashlight whenever you expect to need more illumination.  ...