Do I really need a gun in my home?

You need a gun at home to protect yourself and your family both from crime and from government oppression. If you don’t exercise your right to have a gun at home, someone may decide to take away not only your property but also your freedom and even your life.

Reasons to have a gun in your home

Protection from crime
Your home is supposed to be your Castle but there are people who want to take things from your Castle, they may even try to take your very life. You need a way to defend yourself and a gun is the surest way to ensure your safety.

If you are facing a home invasion unarmed and someone is threatening to harm you your loved ones, there’s not much you can do about it. You can have a very secure door and window, but once they get inside your home, you are completely at their mercy.

A gun will allow you to defend yourself against one or more attackers. A gun is a full a force multiplier because it will allow you to defend yourself against bigger, stronger and more numerous attackers.

Protect Rights
Another reason to have a gun in your home is so that you can protect your rights. Your civil rights. When the United States was being created the founders had successfully completed a revolution against the state and their Revolution was completely dependent on guns.

With that in mind, the framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights expected people to have guns in their homes in order to defend themselves from their own government. Some countries do not allow the possession of guns, in which case you can’t do much to stop government oppression.

Some people hunt for food, some hunt for sport. And they usually will keep their guns at home when they’re not out hunting. In the old days, hunting was a very important part of getting food for your family.

Nowadays, most people do not need to hunt to provide food on the table, however it is still something that many people enjoy doing. They enjoy hunting and they enjoy eating the food that the hunt provides. Having a gun at home supports this honorable tradition.

Many people enjoy shooting, people even enjoy competition shooting. Others are gun collectors, they just enjoy having the physical objects that we call guns. Just as some people have model trains in their homes, and other people have Japanese katana swords, many people enjoy having guns as a way to occupy care of their free time.

Good reasons not to have a gun in your home

It’s illegal where you live
The best reason not to have a gun is that is illegal where you live. Also, some people are not legally allowed to have firearms even in America. For example, felons usually may not possess Firearms although if you are in the family of a felon, you can legally possess a gun in your home even though the felon lives with you.

Someone in your home is suicidal
Another reason not to have a gun is that some people might kill themselves with it. If someone in your house is suicidal, you should really consider carefully whether having a gun is a good option for you.

The unavailability of a gun won’t prevent someone from killing themselves, but it will make suicide a little more difficult. Hopefully, this will give people time to reconsider whether suicide is the right idea for them.

Religious objections
I’m aware of the Quakers and the Amish as being very strongly against the ownership of guns. This commitment can be so strong that they don’t even want to serve in the military. We should all respect that decisions of a well-considered religious nature.

Poor reasons not to have a gun in your home

Guns are dangerous
The first reason people use is that guns are dangerous and therefore they should not be in anybody’s home. Well yes, it goes without saying that guns are dangerous. Anything that is powerful is also dangerous. Cars are powerful, therefore cars are dangerous. Gasoline is powerful, therefore gasoline is dangerous. You should be able to handle dangerous objects without undue risk.

For normal people, having a gun does not suddenly make them become evil or crazy or want to hurt other people. Normal people use their power responsibly and that’s why they can be trusted with guns and gasoline and cars on their own property.

To set a moral example for others
It’s fine to decide you don’t want to have a gun. It’s a free country, you can choose what you want. But it’s not a good idea to say because I don’t have a gun, others can’t either. If it was dangerous for you to have a gun, then stay away from guns.

But don’t try to show the world that your are morally superior to gun owners. It’s foolish and dangerous to set yourself up as a moral Paragon for others, and even worse to appoint yourself as the arbiter of social justice.

You can use martial arts
Perhaps you don’t want to have a gun at home because you think you can defend yourself adequately with just your hands and your feet. Or perhaps with sticks and stones. Well, it is possible.

I’ve heard the story of a man with a katana who defended his home against several thieves. But a katana is a deadly weapon and in that sense is no different from a gun. Except that a katana does not work at range and a katana takes a lot more skill and training to use than a gun does.

How to be a responsible gun owner

Take a gun safety course
One of your best options is to take a gun safety course. It could be sponsored by the police, it could be sponsored by the NRA. But if you’re going to have a gun in your home, you really should learn how to use it and find out how to use it safely and responsibly. They will train you in the course how to avoid a lot of trouble. Not only that but you’ll learn to have a lot of confidence and effectiveness in situations that require home defense with a lethal weapon.

Store the gun safely
It is especially important that you learn how to take care of your gun when you’re not holding it on your person. You need to know how to store your gun safely and not just put it under your pillow.

One of the great dangers of having a firearm at home is that if you have children or other irresponsible people they will put themselves in danger with your gun. You may need to buy a gun safe or you may have some other methods to prevent gun accidents at home.

Maintain the gun
A gun is a machine and machines can break down, degrade over time, and can have physical problems.

As a gun owner, you need to make sure your gun is working correctly and you can’t wait till the emergency to do that. That means you need to learn to maintain your gun to keep it in good shape and working correctly before trouble occurs.

One of the worst thing you can do is to rely on your father’s dusty, old rifle from the Korean War that’s been sitting in a closet somewhere for decades to defend yourself as a stranger is bashing in your door.

Practice shooting
Having a gun and being able to shoot well are two completely different things. The problem of using a gun at home is it if you miss you are going to hit something in your house or maybe someone in your own family. You definitely should practice your shooting either in a very safe area outside or at a shooting range.

And never forget that the ability to shoot accurately is a perishable skill. The longer between practices you wait, the faster your skill will go down, so you have to keep at it regularly. It’s not like riding a bicycle a bike in which you never forget how. Even the greatest marksman will slowly lose his accuracy over time if they don’t practice.

Practice conflict scenarios

Finally, just having a gun is not enough, and just being able to shoot well in practice is not enough, you also need to have some conflict scenario training. You need to practice in high-stress, confusing situations where things happened that you don’t expect. You must learn to identify your threats and the best possible responses quickly.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a police officer is identifying how serious a threat is and what’s the appropriate level of force to stop that threat. Likewise, you need to be able to quickly identify what’s the best response if you’re in a home defense situation.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if you do everything correctly, if you kill someone you are going to carry that moral burden for the rest of your life, so you need to make very sure that you are doing the right thing at the right time. And the only way you can do that is with a lot of preparation and training.

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