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What is the Best Flip Rugged Phone

Today’s post is going to show you the most rugged flip phones you can buy in 2018. After you buy one of these flip phones you won’t have to worry about the daily wear and tear on your phone and you’ll be able to do exactly what you want to do without the distractions inherent in a smartphone. We’re going...


What is the Best Verizon Flip Phone

In this post, we will compare all Verizon Flip phones available today and decide which is the Best Verizon Flip Phone. It is incredibly valuable to have a broad view of all the choices before narrowing the field to our favorite. We will examine the physical dimensions, internal features and the good and bad of each phone before choosing a...


Best Flip Phone for Urban Survival

Did you know that there is a full-featured flip phone that is both rugged and long lasting? You are interested, right? Moreover, this phone was built to military standards for shock, sand, water resistance, and vibration? And what if this phone had great survival features such as a walkie-talkie, flashlight and internet capability? Well, this phone is real and I’m going...