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Why My 11 Inspirational Quotes about Children are Better Than Yours

My quotes have extended commentary that will motivate you to become a better parent and citizen in society. More than just making you feel good (or guilty), I will give you insight into the world of children and what they need to thrive. Including:

Children and Marriage
Children and their Potential
Children and Society 


15 Quotes about Living Life (with comments)

This post will highlight and explore 15 key quotes about living life. It is much better to engage in discussion with a few choice words rather than skim hundreds of quickly forgotten recitations. We will examine 5 ideas for living life in each of the categories of encouragement, challenge, and warning.


Top 10 Continuous Improvement Quotes with comment

1. “It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.”  W. Edwards Deming At first, this message is comforting – change is not necessary, but the next sentence makes clear the shocking consequences. Life is not fair! If we do not change, we may not survive. Reality is harsh and uncaring. The world doesn’t owe us anything, nor does...