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All 12 Samsung Verizon Phones (Best Selling Rankings)

Welcome to the Verizon Samsung Bestseller list which includes every Samsung for sale at Verizon. By studying this list you will find what Verizon customers consider the most value for the dollar. There are some surprises on this list: S* models lead the pack with S9 models far down the list. There are two new replacement models just recently on sale that will soon replace older models. Finally, there are two pre-owned Samsung models on the list. If money is tight, pre-owned Samsungs have the same 1-year warranty at Verizon as the new models.


Verizon Wireless Phones (11 bestsellers)

This post highlights and reviews the current 11 bestselling smartphones on Verizon Wireless.

Acting on this list could save you precious time and money while giving you confidence that you have made a good and popular choice according to the wisdom of the crowd.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that while Apple and Samsung models dominate the Verizon bestseller list, the most expensive models such as the iPhone X and the Galaxy 9 are not here while several relatively inexpensive models from these smartphone giants are.


Verizon Flip Phones for Improved Productivity

How would you like to increase your productivity by 40% while living a longer and happier life? It could be as simple as replacing your smartphone with a flip phone. The latest research shows that constant interruptions from smartphones are altering our brain chemistry. The very thing that we love about our smartphones is their constant “nowness”. They continually alert...


What is the Best Verizon Flip Phone

In this post, we will compare all Verizon Flip phones available today and decide which is the Best Verizon Flip Phone. It is incredibly valuable to have a broad view of all the choices before narrowing the field to our favorite. We will examine the physical dimensions, internal features and the good and bad of each phone before choosing a...