What is the Best Emergency Food Company

This oil painting is a clue for the best emergency food company

In this post, you will learn what is the best emergency food company. Choosing to buy from the best means that you can be sure that your food comes from a safe and reliable source. Plus, your emergency food will taste great and last for decades.


The United States Government and the Red Cross recommend that you keep a three day supply of food on hand in case of emergency. Have you done this? Honestly, few people have; especially those in the city. Since urban residents are surrounded by restaurants and convenience stores, it’s hard to imagine the whole city shutting down and being unable to find food for a few days. Yet, this kind of emergency happens in cities all over the world. Sometimes, you have a little warning such as when a hurricane or typhoon is approaching. But earthquakes and tsunamis often strike without warning and they can cripple a city’s food delivery system. In such a disaster, even if you can buy food, the prices have risen exorbitantly. That is why the urban survivor prepares for such crises by storing up enough water and food to be comfortable until order and commerce are restored to normal levels.

Obviously, there are different levels of disasters for which you should prepare for. The most basic level is to be prepared to endure a 72-hour emergency without government help. Rural people are usually much better prepared to deal with problems on their own. They know that they are a low priority for state help, However, city people with our instant apps and quick delivery pizza, are used to getting what they want and need almost immediately. Consequently, they are shocked at how long it takes the government to deal with a crisis. Don’t let this unpleasant surprise happen to you. Expect the city to be knocked off its feet for a few days and be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.

Mmm!! Dehydrated cheesecake!

You could go to the store tonight and buy 10 jars of peanut butter, stick them in the bottom of a closet and call yourself a prepper. But how long can you eat peanut butter before you get sick of it and prefer starvation? Also, how long will those jars last in storage? If there is anything worse than eating the same thing meal after meal, it’s eating spoiled food meal after meal. The best emergency food will taste good, be easy to prepare, have enough calories and last 10 years or more without going bad. There are several companies which claim to offer acceptable products, but which one should you trust with your survival? Which is the best emergency food company? The consensus is that the popular Mountain House company makes the best emergency food.

Why is Mountain House the best emergency food company?

Mountain House got its start making meals for the US military special forces over 50 years ago. Currently, they control over 70% of the North American market for freeze-dried meals. Food goes bad mostly due to water and oxygen. Freeze-drying food is the secret to a good-tasting long storing meal. This process removes 98% of the water stored in food, along with 90% of the food’s weight. Mountain House has the most protective packaging: after Mountain house freeze-dries its meals, it then seals the food in industry-leading oxygen-free containers. which is why their meals taste better longer. Additionally, Mountain House is the only company to fully cook their food before applying the freeze-drying process. Finally, Mountain House has the longest shelf life of any competing product. Mountain House not only guarantees a 30-year shelf life for its food, which is the longest in the industry, it also guarantees that these meals will still taste good after 30 years. From the Mountain House website, “Our meals in pouches, kits and cans all have a freeze dried, emergency food industry-leading guaranteed shelf life and Taste Guarantee of 30 years.” No one else puts that kind of promise in writing. So, if you buy Mountain House food and store it in a cool, dry place, you can be sure that it will still be ready for emergencies 30 years from now.

How do I get started purchasing emergency food?

Mountain House Just in Case 72 Hour Kit

Some people have years worth of emergency food from Mountain House stored up in pantries, cellars, underground caches, and bugout bags. Most people who buy in big lots prefer the longer lasting cans, which contain 6 meals of one flavor each. Backpackers, campers and those on the go prefer the smaller pouches which have one meal each. The best way to get started is to buy a prepacked “Mountain House Just in Case 72 Hour Kit”. The package is a reasonable size: 12 x 9 x 9 inches; and weight: 4 pounds. This box can easily be stored in a closet or pantry until the need arises. Once purchased, you can relax, knowing that regardless of what’s in your fridge or pantry, you have three days of food no matter what happens in the city. Also, you can easily transport this box to a safer location if you need to leave your residence in a hurry. Three days of emergency food storage is probably better than what you have now, but it’s just the beginning.  By buying a Mountain House can or two each month, you can easily accumulate a 3 month supply of food or even more.

cutlerylover reveiws a nearly identical Mountain House kit from 2011

What do I get in the Mountain House Just in Case 72 Hour Kit

For Breakfast, you get: (Rating out of 5 stars)

1 Granola with Milk and Blueberries

2 Scrambled Eggs with Bacon: (bacon may be a little soggy)

For Lunch/Dinner, you get:

2 Beef Stroganoff with Noodles

2 Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

1 Rice & Chicken

1 Pasta Primavera

The way to prepare your Mountain House meal is to boil two cups of water, then pour the boiling water directly into the food pouch. Stir the mixture, then zip up the pouch for 10 minutes. You can eat your meal straight out of the pouch like a backpacker or pour it onto a plate like a civilized person. As long as you have water and fire, you will have three days of tasty emergency food.

What if I don’t have Fire? Or Water?

Declassified military cold soaking procedure 😉

You don’t actually need a fire. I will teach you the backpacker’s secret of “cold soaking”. Just pour any temperature water in the pouch, mix it, and then close it up for 20 minutes, maybe longer, The meal will still be fine, just cold. And on hot summer days in the city without electric power (with its air conditioning and circulating fans) you may not want to eat a hot meal every time.

And, if you don’t have water? Well, you will die in three days anyway, so you might as well let the looters and zombies have your Mountain House treasure. Seriously, store up 3 days of water first. Buy some big water bottles and a good water filter. Then, buy the best emergency food: Mountain House. It sure beats living on peanut butter for days on end.

Well, that’s what I think. Now it’s your turn to comment.

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  1. Hi.
    What a great post. Thank you for sharing it with us. I have heard of these types of meals that have been freeze dried and you add the water. But most of what I heard is they are not very good. I am glad to know you are recommending Mountain House. I live in the country and all though I do have plenty of food, I am sure most of it would make it through a disaster. I need to look into getting some of these pouch meals. Thank you again

    • Peter Barban says:

      Most people have tried dehydrated food and are disappointed with its taste. However, freeze drying food preserves its taste much better. Not quite as tasty as fresh, but surprisingly good and nutritious.

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