What is the Best Flip Phone for AT&T

This post will show you the best flip phone for AT&T. There are a plethora of benefits to flip phones over smarts phones such as price, size, and durability. But you need to compare the flip phones side by side to see which one is best for you. We examine the physical dimensions, features, and price of every flip phone offered by AT&T, so you can make an informed decision. Let’s first summarize why flip phones can be a better choice than smartphones.

1. Cheaper

A modern flagship smartphone can cost $800 or more, even midpriced smartphones cost hundreds of dollars. That’s not a very smart way to spend your money. On the other hand, flip phones usually cost less than 100 dollars, though some high-end models go for a bit above that. And, even though flip phones are cheaper, they actually have more clarity in their phone calls. So, in this way, flip phones are the smart choice for those who only need basic phone services.

2. Smaller

Flip phones are smaller and easier to use with one hand. The technical term is “reachablility”. You can more easily reach all the buttons on a flip phone than a smart phone. How many people can actually dial a call while walking like an Egyptian on the train? However, even children can use a flip phone one-handed. Also, although they can be bulky, they easily fit into anyone’s pockets or bags.

3. More Durable

These days, expensive cell phones are made with large screens and glass back covers. These smartphones are just not as naturally rugged and durable as flip phones. Sure, you can put your svelt phone in a bulky case, but most people prefer to take their chances with Murphy’s Law and gravity. Conversely, flip phones are built to be dropped and kicked around. Some of the rugged flip phones on the list below can be dropped in water and driven over with a car- yet they still work.

4. Simpler

Great phone calls, texting, a camera – that’s all a flip phone really needs. This simplicity is a major advantage over smart phones, which are so complicated you may need friend in high tech to figure what’s wrong with your phone. Flip phones are the perfect device for seniors, children, and friends who are on the low end of the IQ spectrum.

5. Better Battery Lifeneed a power bank

Battery life is a constant worry for smart phone users. Some people even get nervous if they can’t spot the power outlets in a room because their phones are major electricity hogs. Others carry bulky external batteries, so that they can keep their smart phone addiction going. But flip phone owners don’t have to worry about all that. First of all, these smart people (even the low IQ ones) are not staring at their phones all day, instead they are doing useful things, or even sleeping all night long. Second, flip phones can go for days or even weeks on one charge. So battery life is one less thing they have to worry about.

6. Replaceable Batteries

One worrisome trend in smart phones is irreplaceable batteries. If you can’t change the battery by yourself, you don’t really control your phone. The company that made it does.  When your smart phone battery goes kaput, you will have a new major expense to deal with. Not so for the flip phone user, who can easily buy an inexpensive replacement battery and change the battery by themselves, as easily as they change the batteries on a remote control.

7. More Secure

A flip phone is just more cyber-secure than a smartphone which is constantly talking back and forth between the apps and the companies that make the apps and the cell towers and everyone else who decides to invisibly gather your data. Also, there are more viruses and what-not which target smartphones. The flip phone allows you to better control who knows what about you and who can secretly access your phone.

8. Unique Style

Flip phones have a special action-oriented style to open and close them. They have a satisfying physicality to them that a cell phone can’t match. Plus, they tend to look like a traditional phone when you are using them. If anyone hasn’t been told yet, smartphone users look like hypnotized zombies when they stare at their phones in public and the look even stupider holding a flat rectangle against the side of their face while talking loud enough for everyone in the vicinity to hear.

Having said that, here is a list of AT&T flip phones. Only the first three are available from the AT&T website. Whenever possible, I give a link to Amazon.com for your purchasing convenience.

Verizon Flip Phone Comparisons

Phone Size (in.) & Weight (oz.) Screen Resolution (pixels) & Size Battery Capacity (Talk Time)
Sonim XP5 5.43 x 2.39 x 0.92, 8.29 240 x 320, 2.4 in 3180 mAh (25 hrs)
LG B470 3.86 x 2 x 0.73, 3.63 176 x 220, 2.2 in 950 mAh (3.50 hrs)
AT&T Cingular Flip 2 4.13 x 2.08 x 0.74, 4.16 240 x 320, 2.8 in 1,350mAh (8 hrs)
ZTE Z222 3.76 x 1.92 x 0.73, 3.24 176 x 220, 2.0 in 900 mAh (4.00 hrs)
Samsung Rugby 4 4.25 x 2.17 x 0.85, 5.22 240 x 320, 2.4 in 1300 mAh (14.00 hrs)
Kyocera DuraXE 4.21 x 2.22 x 0.99, 6 240 x 320 , 2.6 in 1500 mAh (9.40 hrs)

Sonim XP5 (LTE enabled)

Sonim XP5

Price Range: buy for less than $150 on Amazon

Features: Memory 4GB; Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Quad-core, 1200 MHz; IP 68 certified Water, Dust, Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Humidity resistant, MIL-STD-810 certified, Camera: 5 megapixels, Camcorder 1280×720 (720p HD) (15 fps), FM Radio, Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, Full-size USB, a microSD card slot (for cards up to 64 GB), HD Voice and Advanced Calling, Push to talk (like a walkie-talkie)

Good: Very rugged phone, long battery life, a loud ringer for noisy environments, also uses 3G when LTE is unavailable. Can use social apps in a basic way. Works with gloves on. It has two strong external speakers facing front.

Bad: Thick body, no camera autofocus, no hotspot feature (may work with software update), old-fashioned design, no backup assistant.

Why Buy? This is the phone for people who destroy other phones.

LG B470

LG B470

Price Range: Buy for less than $60 on Amazon

Features: Memory 0.1 GB, Camera 1.3 megapixels, Camcorder 144 x 176 pixels, Voice dialing, TTY/TDD, Bluetooth: 2.1

Good: It’s cheap.

Bad: Thick Body, no Wifi, no camera flash or autofocus, low pixel density, no microSD card slot, no automatic screen brightness

Why Buy? You want a cheap phone.

AT&T Cingular Flip 2

Price Range: less than $70 for AT&T store (not yet available on Amazon)

Features: Memory .5 GB, Camera 2 MP with 10x digital zoom, Camcorder 1280 x 720, microSD card slot expandable memory to 32 GB, Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0, HD voice capable, World Phone, TTY/TTD,

Good: Has Wifi and larger screen and longer talk time than other cheap phones

Bad: Thick and heavy, no flash or autofocus, the ringtone may be too soft

Why Buy? You want a cheap phone that has some better than cheap features

ZTE Z222

ZTE Z222

Price Range: Available for under $70 on Amazon

Features: Memory 0.1GB, Camera 3 megapixels VGA, Camcorder Yes, FM radio, Voice dialing, Voice commands, TTY/TDD, Push-to-Talk, Bluetooth: 2.0, EDR

Good: Cheap and has an FM radio.

Bad: Thick Body, no Wifi, no camera flash or autofocus, low pixel density, no microSD card slot, no automatic screen brightness

Why Buy? You want a basic cheap phone, that has a radio and some walkie-talkie function.

Samsung Rugby 4

Samsung Rugby 4

Price Range: Buy for under $50 on Amazon

Features: Memory 0.1 GB RAM, Camera 3 megapixels, Camcorder 320×240 (QVGA), Voice commands, Voice recording, TTY/TDD, Push-to-Talk, Compass, Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0, microSD slot expansion up to 32 GB, IP 67: Water, Dust, Shock resistant

Good: Rugged, cheap, has a compass and walkie-talkie feature

Bad: Thick body, no automatic screen brightness

Why Buy? You want an inexpensive, yet rugged flip phone that works great outdoors.

Kyocera DuraXE

Kyocera DuraXE

Price Range: Buy for less than $180 on Amazon

Features: Memory 1 GB, Camera 5 megapixels/ LED flash, autofocus, Camcorder 1280×720 (720p HD), LTE capable, Voice dialing, Voice recording, TTY/TDD, Push-to-Talk, Wifi, Bluetooth: 4.1, microSD slot expansion up to 32 GB, IP 68: Water, Dust, Shock, temperature resistant

Good: Rugged, LTE capable, good camera, walkie-talkie

Bad: expensive, thick body, low pixel density, no auto screen brightness

Why Buy? You want a rugged LTE phone with a good camera.

The Choice is Yours

The Sonim XP5 is a remarkable and rugged phone, but big and heavy. It’s my favorite on the list. The Kyoga DuraXE is a pricey phone, but it is rugged and has a good camera. Of the cheaper phones, I recommend the Samsung Rugby 4. It’s a Samsung after all and pretty rugged.

Please leave your comments below and I’ll get back to you.

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2 Responses

  1. sheikave says:

    These phones are king when it comes to durability. Most modern smartphones are mass produced to the consumer that will probably replace the device in the next 12 to 18 month of usage.

    This is not because they want they next generation of the smartphone but the way technological advancement previous generation smartphone are less powerful compared to the latest one.

    There are still people that do not want this flashy bell and whistle they want a phone that can do that it is intended to do, a phone call anywhere. These flip phone can bear much more punishment than a new smartphone.

    • Peter Barban says:

      Yes, these days people are expected to change their smart phones every year or two. But with a flip phone, you don’t need to worry about more bells and whistles. You already have what you want, so you can keep your flipper for many years.

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